Kaboom Festival, the Oscar-qualifying animation festival, has honoured Nexus Studios with four official selections in the ‘Commissioned Shorts’ category. The Netherlands-based festival looks to celebrate the latest and greatest in all things animated from original to branded content. 

We’re thrilled to see such a range of techniques on display from Nexus talent. From Johnny Kelly’s charming puppetry work for Back Market with ‘The Monster’, to Paloma Baeza’s fully-CG Gilbert Grouse for The Famous Grouse’s ‘Full of Character’

On top of that, two films from the Postmates ‘This is Your Brain on Food’ collection have also been featured. Both Angela Kirkwood’s ‘Donuts’ and Harry Butt’s ‘Nashville Hot Chicken’ have been selected. Congratulations to all the directors and teams involved!

The work will be screened in Amsterdam, Utrecht and online, between the 5th-14th of April. Check out the full programme here.