SKT ‘Changdeok ARirang’

Teaming up with SK Telecom and Google, we transformed Changdeok Palace, a UNESCO world heritage site, into the world’s first AR guided tour. Visitors to the majestic palace can interact with priceless artefacts and engage with members of the 18th Century Joseon court as if they were actually still there.

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Forestry England ‘The Gruffalo Spotter

If you go down to the woods today… you’ll find much loved characters from The Gruffalo. Using our first of its kind AR app, families are encouraged to track digital footprints through the forest leading them to locations where the lovable characters are hiding. The app was nominated for a children’s BAFTA.

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Enter any address in the world and our eccentric AR companion will guide you the whole way with added dance moves – if you’re lucky. HotStepper is the world’s first augmented reality character-based wayfinding app.

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Partnering with longtime U2 Creative Director, Willie Williams, we developed the technology behind U2 eXPERIENCE; the band’s first augmented reality app which was launched ahead of the eagerly anticipated eXPERIENCE + iNNOCENCE tour.

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Samsung ‘AT&T 5G Fan Experience’

Partnering with Samsung and AT&T, we created the world’s first 5G enabled stadium. Virtual content was placed into the physical world adding all the best parts of viewing sport at home, while also offering fans the opportunity to digitally meet their heroes and conjure 80ft versions of their favourite Dallas Cowboys players. 

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Press on our work in ‘Enhanced Locations’

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Our Leading Thinkers Talking on Enhanced Locations

Take a deep dive into the future of live experiences and how the rollout of 5G is revolutionising AR and spatial mapping technologies. Watch two incredible talks from SXSW and the AWE USA featuring AR experts, Head of XR and Interactive Arts at Nexus Studios, alongside our collaborators in this space. 

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