Kibwe Tavares

Put festival revellers as his backdrop to a love story about a robot pop princess and a scarecrow. Turned an island in East Africa into a dystopian tourist trap after the sighting of a giant leaping fish. Challenged you to keep up the pace with his carnival of self-expression for Guinness. Assembled an army of young female footballers to inspire others to take up the sport.

Sundance prize-winning Kibwe Tavares combines his training as an architect with his love of storytelling and animation to create futuristic live action and animated films as vivid, kinetic feasts.  

Kibwe’s recent award-winning TV commercial work includes his electric spot for Guinness, Alive Inside, which blends animation, a sharp soundtrack and the vibrant identity of modern Africa. His spot for UEFA, Together #WePlayStrong, aimed at encouraging girls to play football, was seen live by an audience of over 200 million.

Picking up a Gold for direction at Ciclope 2017 for his latest short film, Robot and Scarecrow, starring Jack O’Connell and Holliday Grainger, forces Kibwe’s stash of award metalware to move to a bigger shelf.