Sojiro & Eri

Welcome to the wonderful world of Sojiro Kamatani and Eri Sawatari, creators of epic visual masterpieces and alternate realities…

Specialising in crafting surreal and visually rich parallel universes, the pair have made waves with their extraordinary creative vision and epic production design. Infusing spots for brands such as PlayStation, Honda and Facebook with bold and imaginative concepts, the duo have built a vast portfolio of visual masterpieces over the years.

Before their names became synonymous with their commercial work, Sojiro Kamatani worked made a name for himself creating music videos and Eri Sawatari studied film at the University of the Arts in London. They met at Qotori Film Inc. in Tokyo and quickly established themselves amongst the rising stars of Japanese filmmaking. They are as unique as their films and describe their process as bringing their imagination to life through video.