Patrick Osborne

Melted our hearts with the story of one man’s love life as seen through the eyes of his fast-food loving dog. And then did it again by taking us on a musical journey with a father and daughter chasing their dreams from the confines of their old hatchback…

Patrick is an expert in crafting emotionally captivating animated films that have earned him critical acclaim and some of the film industry’s most coveted accolades. 

Patrick’s work includes the Disney animated short, ‘Feast’ a heart-warming and romantic tale which won the Academy Award for best animated short and the innovative and compelling  ‘Pearl’, an animated VR story. Created for Google Spotlight Stories, ‘Pearl’ was the first ever VR film to be nominated for an Oscar and also earned Patrick an Emmy and three Annie awards.

Prior to directing, Patrick was animation supervisor on the Oscar winning short ‘Paperman’ and an animator on Disney features including ‘Wreck It Ralph’‘Tangled’ and ‘Bolt’.