‘It Girl’ for Pharrel Williams, directed by Fantasista Utamaro

This animated epic journeys seamlessly through a technicolor dream world of Manga inspired visuals, detailed anime sequences and 16-bit video game inspired simulations to the lyrics of Pharrell’s ‘It Girl’.

See It Girl here


‘#LetsGoThere’ for BBC Tokyo Olympics, directed by Factory Fifteen

Shot to feel like a single continuous camera move, each frame within Factory Fifteen’s one minute sequence is flooded with an array of original artwork designed by Nexus Director and contemporary artist, Fantasista Utamaro.

See #LetsGoThere here


‘Ultra Stretch’ for Uniqlo, directed by Sojiro & Eri

Sojiro & Eri combined VFX with contemporary dance for this pastel hued spot for Uniqlo showing off their lifewear range in all its relaxing glory.

See Ultra Stretch here


‘Alive Inside’ for Guinness, directed by Kibwe Tavares

Kibwe’s energetic spot for Guinness was shot on location in Ghana and South Africa over a period of 3 weeks with an entirely African cast and crew. He also designed all of the animations and even found the music track by Buraka Som Sistema.

See Alive Inside here


‘What is #music’ for Audi, directed by Shynola

With its elaborate choreography and punchy editing, viewers wouldn’t believe that the two dancers in this Nowness-commissioned short were filmed 100 miles apart and on different days.

See What is #music here


‘Unite All Originals’ for Adidas, directed by Alex Courtès

This interactive music video featuring the rappers Run DMC and DJ A-Trak. It comprises an interactive film with visual effects and animations that can be controlled through keyboard strokes and voice commands.

See Unite All Originals here


‘It’ for Vitamin Water, directed by Fx Goby

Fx Goby has created a lovely commercial illustrating the journey of an idea, for Leo Burnett’s ‘Shine Bright’ ad campaign for Glacéau Vitamin Water, based on the concepts of creativity and imagination.

See It here

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