Factory Fifteen

Tearing down the totalitarian system for The Bug. Uniting the urban experience for #city. Imagining AI betrayal in ANA. Telling the story of strength for Umpqua Bank.

Co-founded by Kibwe Tavares, Jonathan Gales and Paul Nicholls, Factory Fifteen’s expertise spans architecture, 3D visualisation, engineering, animation and photography. Their multi-disciplinary talents and distinctive approach to filmmaking has been sought after by high profile brands including Samsung, Channel 4 and The British Film Institute.

Most recently, Factory Fifteen transported viewers to a magically reimagined Tokyo for the BBC’s coverage of the Olympic Games. They also brought to life the iconic cityscape for the BBC series adaptation of Malorie Black’s seminal piece, Noughts + Crosses and created the mesmerizing visuals for the breathtaking ballet ‘Aisha and Abhaya’ which debuted at the Royal Opera House.

The collective has won a raft of awards including the Jury prize for animation direction at the Sundance Film Festival. Their creative shorts and artwork has been exhibited internationally at festivals and venues such as SXSW, Onedotzeoro, Arts Electronica, Alpha-ville, The Creator’s Project and The Whitechapel Gallery.