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nexus originals

Working with multidisciplinary skills in animation, live-action and interactive media, nexus originals develops work across TV, film and digital. Be it handmade or high-tech, we have over 15 years experience of bringing together globally acclaimed directors, coders, technical directors and producers to create TV series, shorts, commercials, interactive, VR and AR projects. 

TV projects

We’re pleased to announce that Amazon Studios has commissioned to pilot an original project called JazzDuck , an animated show that encourages preschoolers to listen and express themselves as they explore the sounds and musical potential of their world!

Invade All Of The Humans is an animated series of comedy shorts aimed at 6-9 year olds recently completed for Disney TV Animation, and will be available to watch soon!

Another recent commission came from BBC Bitesize who asked us to create nine short animated films to help 14-16 year-old GCSE students get through their revision.

Also recently completed are 78 episodes of episodic design commissioned by ABC / Netflix / CBBC for the upcoming show Kazoops. The show was produced at Cheeky Little in Australia in partnership with our Australian studio Mighty Nice.

We are currently developing a slate of further original concepts for TV series.

Digital, interactive & VR

The Radio Jones storybook app by Oscar nominated directors Smith & Foulkes received a MEDIA grant from Creative Europe and will be released very soon.

Rain or Shine is our new 360° VR film, coming soon for Google's Spotlight Stories.

Woodland Wiggle  at The Royal London Hospital is a pioneering interactive game played on a television the size of a room that allows children to enter a magical storybook illustrated world. We are currently in production of Wilderness Wiggle for a hospital in Alaska.

FutureVille is a multi-player game commissioned by The Science Museum designed to inspire  young people to think creatively about a career in engineering.

The BBC micro:bit  is a mini-computer designed in partnership by Samsung and the BBC with the goal of encouraging children to get into coding. We designed Samsung’s team micro:bit, a group of digital characters who guide new coders through each Samsung micro:bit project.

Feature films

We have received a BFI Vision Award for feature film development , and are working on our slate in partnership with producer Claire Jennings

Multi-platform storyworlds

We work with the world’s best designers and artists to create captivating characters and storyworlds such as the delightful Mr Kat created by Jaime Alvarez.

We are also currently developing a digital screen/TV/augmented reality books/toys original property and much more.

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